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29-05-2021, Saat: 12:07
The extraordinary length and scoring abilities of Durant and Tatum make for an intriguing matchup, as does Harden's offense against Smart's defense, but Irving opposite Walker is fascinating on a number of levels.Philadelphia 76ers Face Coverings

This included a scuffle between Evan Fournier and Kevin Durant. A war of words between the two nearly turned ugly until some teammates stepped in between the two.Los Angeles Clippers Face Coverings

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In New York, where the virus hit hardest 14 months ago, capacity limits for sports have been almost completely restored. Only the NBA-mandated open space around parts of the court and the team benches kept MSG from being fully full. It was the same scene in Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Brooklyn over the weekend, or with the NHL's New York Islanders out on Nassau County.Boston Celtics Face Coverings

Fanatics Nba Face Masks

"Maybe he gets on the court a little bit before then," Myers said. "As soon as he can, we'd love to have him with a guy like that for many reasons. KG is pretty unique -- on the court and what he brings and the mentality. Exposing James to a guy like that [would be great].

"The course is always gonna be rocky. But you just gotta stay the course and believe in yourself and truly believe, man. Because this is some magical stuff right now, I don't know how to explain it, it's just every day I come in, it's just — I don't take anything for granted. But every day that I come in it's just surreal, and you've gotta pinch yourself because you're playing in the Garden. It's one of the toughest places to play, but it's one of the beautifulest places to play when you (on the) right (team). And we're trying to do some special things here and right now we're laying the groundwork for it and it's an awesome feeling."

nbafacecoverings.com, Nba Face Mask For Sale, Los Angeles Lakers Face Coverings

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It’s been a while since the New York Knicks won a playoff game, so naturally, fans are celebrating outside Madison Square Garden like they just won the NBA Finals.

Here's the breakdown of all the best from Saturday's NBA playoff games, with a look ahead to four more Game 1s on Sunday:Los Angeles Lakers Face Coverings

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